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Music Audio and Video Production

Han's Studio for Piano is a performance space and studio specifically set up for recording acoustic classical piano and small ensembles.




Flexible instrument layout

The studio features two grand pianos and three harpsichords. All instruments can be moved and arranged for your specific set-up, whether it is solo piano, piano duo, chamber with piano, or chamber without piano.

Design your own sound

The studio is equipped with two matching Rode M5 microphones and a Rode NT1 (new version), which can be arranged for the sound you want to achieve. 

Custom lighting

Shoot in everything from near-darkness to brightly lit, with available RGB accent lighting that can be placed around the room to add subtle highlights.

Multi-Camera Setup 

Design your video's final look by creating multiple angles. The studio is equipped with a Sony FS5II cinema camera, two Sony a6400 mirrorless cameras, and a Canon EOS 6D, to create up to four views on your performance. 

Rode M5 microphones.JPG

Recording Options

Single camera angle with audio recording

The most straightforward setup, ideal for lessons and auditions. 

Dual camera angle with audio recording

Ideal for solo and small ensemble videos

Multi camera angle (3+) with audio recording

Ideal for detailed videos of small performances or better coverage of larger performances

On-location concert recordings

For full-length multi-camera angle concert recordings at an outside venue, the audio recording will be handled by Zana Corbett.


Every project is different, and all rates are custom. Rates depend on instruments used, amount of time booked, camera setup, microphone setup, and post-production time (including basic editing and corrective editing, if requested).


Please contact Han for a quote!

Rode new NT1.JPG


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