Calgary's Flagship Private Piano Room

This 650-square-feet luxury studio space, the best of its kind in the city, has welcomed students and professional musicians from all over Calgary and beyond Alberta to play and record. Under Han's coaching, the students here largely represent study at an upper intermediate level or higher, with emphasis on RCM 9-10 and ARCT examinations, and advanced repertoire.


Premium Concert Instruments

 The main two instruments are a Steinway & Sons B (6'11 grand) and a Mason & Hamlin CC-2 (9' concert grand). 

The Historical Keyboards Collection currently features a Tomlinson double-manual harpsichord (French Baroque copy), a Redsell virginal (Italian Renaissance copy), and an on-loan Sabathil double-manual harpsichord (modern, from Baroque design). More instruments are actively being sought.


Professional Music Performance Video Production

From auditions to multi-angle performances, you can record here with full control over instrument placement and lighting, for a creatively complete project. Equipment includes professional cinema and mirrorless cameras, dedicated video and cinema lenses, and Rode and Zoom microphones. 



Comprehensive Music Scores Library

The library includes hundreds of volumes representing over a thousand works. All standard repertoire piano works are included, as well Renaissance music, piano concertos, chamber music, orchestral and vocal scores, and select antique volumes from the 19th and early 20th Centuries.

Dedicated and Experienced Instruction

 Over the past eighteen years, Han has developed an immersive and well-rounded approach to music teaching. His students have achieved scholarships and medals and provincial festival representation. Most importantly, they consistently report a high level of learning satisfaction and enjoyment.

Advanced Performance Students

For students who are dedicated and working on higher intermediate or advanced repertoire (comparable to RCM Level 9 and higher), a wealth of opportunities open up. These may include:

 + Complimentary accompaniment for concerto or chamber repertoire

 + Regular studio classes with other advanced students

 + Studio concert trips with discounted or free tickets

 + Complimentary music recording and videography services


Diploma students and students preparing for music school may receive additional performance opportunities.

Tuition Programme for Gifted Students

Substantial reductions in tuition is offered to students demonstrating extraordinary musical ability for their age. Eligibility is determined by extensive playing tests, ear tests, and ongoing progress standards. Students must additionally reach annual repertoire and performance targets to continuously qualify for this programme. Please contact for more information.

Join the studio!

New students are accepted throughout the year, as long as there are available time slots. Students must:

  - Have at least one year of prior music learning experience

  - Be committed to sustained daily practice and consistent weekly progress

  - Have a clearly defined motive and goal for music study

  - Be practising at home on an acoustic vertical or grand piano (not a digital)

To study with Han at MRU, please call the Conservatory office on 403 440 6821.

To take online classes with Han via Zoom, please send an inquiry here.