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A Unique Luxury Piano Room

Inspired by concert halls and equipped like a conservatory, this studio has welcomed students and professional musicians from southern Alberta and beyond. Featuring premium amenities in a 650-square-foot performance space, it is the only studio in the region to feature an integrated video recording setup and an in-house historical keyboards collection.


Top Tier Concert Instruments

The main two instruments are a Steinway & Sons B (6'11 grand) and a Mason & Hamlin CC-2 (9' concert grand).

The Historical Keyboards Collection is a small but growing sample of keyboard instruments that predate the piano, representing the Medieval, Renaissance, and late-Baroque periods.


Music Performance Video Production

From auditions to multi-angle performances, you can record here with full control over instrument placement and lighting, for a creatively complete project. Equipment includes professional cinema and mirrorless cameras, dedicated video and cine lenses, and Rode and Zoom microphones.


For more information, see Music Audio and Video Production



Comprehensive Music Scores Library

The library includes hundreds of volumes representing over a thousand works. All standard repertoire piano works are included, as well Renaissance music, piano concertos, chamber music, orchestral and vocal scores, and select special volumes from the 19th and early 20th Centuries.

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Immersive Learning

An innovative approach to private piano coaching is taken here, with a focus on performance and an unmatched level of instructor dedication.


In order to create a continuously supportive and musically-engaging year of study, all students receive the following as part of their enrollment:

  + Private lessons

  + Two or three annual recitals

  + Studio classes

  + Unlimited remote learning assistance between lessons

  + Unlimited cancellation flexibility (with conditions)

  + Chaperoned concert trips, sometimes with complimentary tickets

  + Music audio and video recording services

  + Discounted scores and sheet music

Reserving Space and Instruction Time

For recording projects, visit Music Audio and Video Production.


To take private piano lessons from Han, please complete the intake form here.


For private lessons at MRU, please call the Conservatory at 403 440 6821.

For all other inquiries, including booking space for practice time and using the historical keyboard instruments, contact Han here.


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