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The Conservatory Preparatory Course is the highest programme in Han’s studio, offered to students with professional music aspirations in piano for post-secondary and potentially beyond. Students receive regular additional time on top of their weekly instructional sessions and recitals.


Students admitted to the programme receive intensified instruction geared toward equipping them with a competitive edge in music studies post-secondary, including added sessions focused on musicianship, additional assignments and performance opportunities, opportunities to play for other teachers, with other music students, and opportunities to observe lessons. Students also receive unique perks, such as complimentary concert tickets and music performance video productions.


The programme is open to students in Han's studio, aged 14 and up, who intend to pursue post-secondary music studies, or are otherwise considering a primary or secondary career in music. Potential students must be studying at a level comparable to, or higher than, RCM Grade 10, and be enrolled in 90-minute lessons. Potential students must have demonstrated a high level of progress and have shown clear promise in musical and technical development.


There is a nominal, one-time enrollment fee; however, as this programme aims to benefit the student as much as possible, no regular additional fees will be assessed beyond the current quoted tuition.


Please contact Han if you have any inquiries.


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