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Vertical Piano Action

These interactive action models are built using parts from a decommissioned D. W. Karn vertical piano, built c. 1905 in Ontario.

After over a century, the piano was at the end of useable life, and the remaining functioning action components were taken to make these models.

action model 2.JPG

Each model is meticulously handcrafted from the key and action components of a single note, and then adjusted to correctly demonstrate what happens when you strike a key on a vertical piano.

action model 3.JPG

The models are available with either white or black keys, with the black key models using the original solid ebony sharps. There may be imperfections, chips, and dents on the keys, a testimony to the age of the donor piano.

action model 4.JPG

It has been decades since pianos were built in Canada.

With each model, a small slice of Canadian music history dodges the landfill by becoming an art piece.

action model 5.JPG

Each model is fully assembled, and shipped in a 22" by 17" by 6" box.

PRICE PER UNIT: 125 USD + shipping

There are a few vendors offering piano action models. Very few ship models entirely pre-assembled, especially at this price point.

Units are shipped after 3 business days after an order is placed, due to the time required to build and package the model. Orders of multiple units will require additional time.

To purchase, please contact Han here.

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