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Piano Technique Resources

Technique exercises and practice methods.
Developed extensively from in-person teaching.

Why does technique matter?

Technique is everything at the piano right from the beginning because it facilitates ergonomic playing. As the pianist advances, proper technique minimises tension and fatigue, maximises accuracy and tone control, develops pattern recognition, and allows the notes to properly become a vehicle for pure expression.

A suite of technique material for students

These downloads include supplementary material for intermediate piano examinations (in the Canadian RCM system), practice methods for standard technique, a set of short etudes, and a collection of modified Hanon exercises.

All of these exercises reflect a large body of work with piano students of all ages and playing levels. They are based on methods handed down from previous generations of instructors, and have been used and refined through teaching a wide range of students for over a decade.


RCM Exam chords supplement

All of the chord progressions for exam Levels 5 through 10, written out in all of the required major and minor keys for each level.

Advanced Method for
Basic Technique

A short essay discussing fundamental piano technique, with notated examples of unique exercises for scales, chords, and arpeggios. 
8 pages / 3300 words, with images

Etude Bites

Super short yet highly challenging, these miniature studies are designed to be learned quickly for mechanical development of the right hand. 
This download includes the essay Advanced Method for Basic Technique.

Coming soon


Hanon X: Challenge Version

The first ten entries from the famous volume, modified into thirteen more challenging exercises, with detailed instructions to aid in forming proper technique. 25 Pages.
This download includes the essay Advanced Method for Basic Technique.
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